Anti-Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Due Diligence

  1. We are subject to anti-money laundering and funding of terrorism laws and we must in this regard perform required due diligence on customers for security reasons.
  2. The information provided to us for the purposes of our due diligence obligations shall be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  3. Player hereby acknowledges that we shall use the information obtained from him/her for our due diligence obligations to conduct public searches and perform checks in order to verify the information provided to us.
  4. Whilst we are carrying out our due diligence measures, players may be allowed to continue using his/her account. However, players will not be allowed to affect any withdrawals from such an account until our verification procedures are completed.
  5. Where we are unable to conclude our due diligence obligations because we have not received the required information from the Player or we are otherwise unable to verify his/her identity, no activity may be undertaken from the account and the account will be blocked and/or terminated. In such an event, we shall return any deposit funds present on the account at the time of blocking and/or termination except where it is necessary for us to delay or withhold payment of all or some of the Player’s funds to comply with our legal obligations.
  6. We reserve the right to ask for any additional information and documentation to fulfill our due diligence obligations, and any communication for the provision of information/documentation is not to be deemed as being the final communication in this regard.
  7. If we become aware or suspect that the information provided by the Player is materially false, we shall cancel the registration and take any other steps that may be required by us under law. We will not pay out any winnings in such circumstances